Vivid Voltage is set to release on 11/13 - Wave 1 Update

We know you’re anxious to receive this product, this has been a high volume order item, and we are confident that there will be enough Vivid Voltage to fulfill our customers’ orders. Orders placed before 10/26 will be shipped in our first wave on or shortly after the official release date of 11/13/20. There are a large volume of orders, so we want to say thank you in advance for your patience while we process everything! With all Pokemon products, there is always a chance of short shipments from The Pokemon Company, and if your order is affected, you will receive further communication from us.

Any orders with shortages, and remaining orders placed after 10/26 will be rolled into Wave 2 for a later shipment date (estimated late December/early January) so that we’re able to fulfill all the products in those orders.