Extended Fulfillment Times Through Early 2021

We appreciate your patience while we wait for the items on your orders to arrive for fulfillment, and apologize that the circumstances of the time are contributing to massive shipping delays in products arriving from around the world. There are port delays at both the origin and destination ports for many of our distributors, in addition to a shortage of actual shipping containers for factories to load goods into. Additionally, COVID continues to cause restrictions to the amount of warehouse and dock workers that can be in or at facilities, which causes further delays, as there are fewer workers to be able to handle goods and freight.

While we know that extended delays aren’t the news you want, we are doing our best to work with our distributors to ensure that your products get here as quickly and as safely as we can, and once anything is within our power to influence, we’re working hard to ship things out of our warehouse as quickly as they arrive.

If there are some items on your order that are in-stock, while others were pre-ordered or backordered, we are able to offer you split shipping upon your request, allowing us to ship out anything that’s already here while we continue to wait for items that have been delayed in transit. This service does cost a small fee to pay for the additional shipping costs. You are welcome to contact our Customer Support team to inquire about this for your outstanding orders.

Otherwise, if you want to continue to wait, thank you again for your patience. We’re fans too, and we’re just as eager as you are to get these products in. We know these delays can be frustrating, but we are hopeful that as the COVID vaccine continues to become more widely available, we’ll see faster freight times soon.

Thank you for shopping with us,

Team Kozuguru